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With the increasing amount of people browsing the Inwebsite-redesign-seattleternet it has become imperative for small business and corporations to create a strong online presence. The future of web development -web design is in flash technology and Flash- based websites.

Flash is a technology which is adding interactivity and flashy graphics to your website thus making it more interesting and appealing to users. Flash is a powerful tool- it is used to develop a creative visual effects, and eye-catching design as well as interactivity and dynamics. Flash sites are also independent from the browsers and will run smoothly on any web browser.

Our Flash Services and it’s Benefits!

We offer the best team of experts who are specialized in Flash Web development. Our team supports the synergy between client’s ideas and our creativity thereby providing the best Flash solution for our client’s needs.

If your goal is to make an artistic site and make it more presentable then you should opt for Flash. Flash is a great tool to showcase your products, as it gives an opportunity to use movies, animations, photos and music. There are numerous benefits to Flash web design- we offer different flash web design packages and also combine flash and HTML web design. Some of the Flash services we offer are:


  • Flash Intros
  • Flash Banner Designs
  • Full Flash Websites
  • Animated Logo Designs
  • Flash Headers
  • Flash Effects
  • Flash Animation

You can opt for a full Flash website or choose to make different segments of your website developed in flash. This all together will help draw additional traffic to your website and cater to users’ needs thus making your site more interesting, and also creating a strong visual impact on the users mind.

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We create beautiful, user-friendly WordPress Templates that our clients love. Join the list of thousands of happy cliens and get our theme today and start working with us, we would love to hear about your ideas and projects in mind!


On Time Delivery

Pre-planning and careful specification of a website will greatly reduce to likelihood of delays. As will clearly a clearly delineated process for content creation, client site review, and approvals, at Teamolay we work this way.


100% Compatible

Every site will be fully tested on all major browsers, including IE and mobile devices, so that it will work flawlessly for your design. Also, it integrates gracefully with no javascript since we use HTML5 and CSS3 in your design.

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