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What if i don't like the site designs?

Through our process, we will find out what your looking for and work with you to achieve the feel you want. You can even give us references of other sites you’ve seen and tell us what you do and don’t like.

Can I use my existing website?

To get the best possible results, we recommend to use your current branding elements like Logos and look and feel ; and build a new site with our Content Management System and Search focussed architecture and structure, giving you the best result possible.

We would then copy and paste existing content where possible in to your new site.Depending on how your current site is built and set up we could use it as a platform to build our search engine campaign.We would have to assess this on a site by site basis.

Can you also design me a new logo and other things for my business?

Yes, we can! We can design a new brand identity for you a like logo design, packaging, brochures, stationery and more.

How much does a website cost?

Our website packages start from as low as ¥100.000 and up to six figures, all depending on the amount of time used to design and custom develop your project. We offer business-specific products to help keep the cost as minimal as possible, but custom design and/or development work is billed accordingly. To choose the package that is right for your business, take a look at our Packages and Prices page.

What happens after I decide to have my website built by Teamolay Studio?

Once you have spoken with an Teamolay Studio consultant, you will receive an electronic copy of our Website Survey & Planning document. A simple planning tool designed to help you collate and organize the content and look for your new website. If you are unsure of the correct package for your business or require some pre-sales assistance, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the project at our Tokyo office.

Once the website survey has been finalized and all of the accompanying artwork has been received, our graphics team will begin preparing a concept design for your website. To learn more about the Teamolay Studio website design and development process, please visit the ‘How It Works’ section of our website.

Will I know how to populate, maintain and update my website once it is complete?

Of course! our Starter Kit comes with a detailed user manual that clearly describes all of the available functionality (within the Teamolay CMS website content management system website content management system) in a step by step reference guide.

All documentation includes detailed diagrams and screenshots to help familiarise you with Site Control and present the various features in the most understandable way.

We also offer a complimentary training service to all customers that feel more comfortable with an interactive demonstration from one of our internet marketing consultants. We maintain a fully equipped training lab in our head office designed to provide the ideal staging environment for personalized tuition.

Our goal is to bring you up to speed with the Teamolay CMS website content management system and to demonstrate all of the available functionality at a pace that suits you. Feel free to book a lab session at a time that is convenient for you.

If I don't want to update my own website content, can Teamolay do it for me?

Of course! We offer a range of maintenance plans designed to save you time and ensure that your website is constantly reflecting a fresh look with the most up to date content. To find out more about the different maintenance plans, please visit our website maintenance page.

What is the process, precisely?

Basically, we get an understanding of what you want, you agree and sign up to one of our packages, then one of our account managers will start the process with you via a few emails and easy online forms. All of this will be be done in our handy online Group hub where all notes, designs and communications are kept.

You can log in to see your designs to give approval as well as to upload content and any other information we require. Once the design is approved we build the whole website, place in the content and make the website live! We also at the same time set up all your Search Engine Campaign strategies and Pay-Per-Click campaigns if necessary.

What do I need to provide to start the process?

We will need from you all the content for the website, like the copy, your logos and any photography you want to use. We have a large collection of stock photography we can use for your project at affordable rates.

How long will it take to build my website?

 Depending on complexity of your website we estimate it taking between 3-4 weeks from when you sign up to when your website goes live. Generally, we work on a 30 day turnaround where possible.

Can I meet with someone at Teamolay Studio?

So, we can keep our rates affordable to you, we run the whole process online via our Live Chat. Any questions, just jump on the live chat and we’ll answer whatever it is you need to know, if however you need to speak to someone directly, You can visit us anytime, Find our address on the contact Page.

Who owns the Content Management System?

We develop our solutions on open source CMS platforms like WordPress, Magento or Joomla. This allows you to take your website anywhere and continue to use your website as normal. You pay a license to use it and in return get all the systems updates for free.

What can I change on my site?

With the CMS systems we use, you can change all the copy on your website as well as changing some of the images. If you have products on your website you will be able to add / edit / delete as many times as you want, when and where ever you want.

How do I know how well my site is performing?

Through Google Analytics you will see all you need to know on how your website is performing. Where traffic is coming from, how many visitors, most popular pages, conversion paths on desired actions, as well as what people are typing in to Google to find you…. as well as much much more.

How will Search Engine Optimization help my business?

Being found for relative search terms to your business is very important. It is also very important that there are very clear call to actions on your website like to call a number, fill out a form, make an enquiry or even just buy a product.

Optimizing your website so people can find your business / website easily, then convert to a desired result is crucial in having a successful website. Precisely, there’s no point having lots of users / visitors, if no one does anything on your website, that can get converted into that makes business sense.

What is Web Hosting?

Hosting is the area of space of the internet where your website is stored. Teamolay Studio has access to hosting platforms, and will recommend the best hosting solution for you, that suits your hosting requirements. Your basic websites hosting is FREE and included in your package for the life of when sign up with us.

Can my website be hosted elsewhere?

Yes!, you can get hosting space somewhere else. In this case you will be charged setup fee from us. You have added advantage of not paying set up fees or hosting your website while with us. Our hosting setup has best-of-the-breed technology in place so that your website won’t of the go down and information won’t be lost.

Depending on how your current site is built and set up we could use it as a platform to build our search engine campaign.We would have to assess this on a site by site basis.

What's the difference between web hosting and domain name registration?

Web Hosting is the space on a server you rent for your website, where as the domain name is the website address of your site.

Do I have to register a domain name?

If you are a new business you will need to register a new domain name. We recommend using Net Registry to buy affordable domain names. However, if you already have one we can transfer it, and set up your new website. No worries!

What if I need to speak to someone urgently about my website?

We have a top notch support system in place and are ready to support you in whatever you need. Simply click on our live chat “Chat now” button and we’ll get you sorted. Simple. Or if you want to speak to someone, kindly fill in the form given on the right side of these questions.

What happens at the end of 12 months, do I own the website?

You will always own the website. At the end of the 12 months you will see the great results you’ll be getting from Teamolay Studio and we hope you continue to use our service to manage and maintain the search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. If you do want to stop, no problems, we hand over the files and you can take the entire website anywhere you want.

What happens if i want to stop anytime using Teamolay Studio services?

Well, we don’t think that will happen, but If you want to stop before the 12 month period is up , we will simply charge you the balance of the 12 months, and when paid, you can take your site and CMS anywhere you want. Please note, that you will need to organize new hosting for your website.

¥50.000 Yen per month, how is that affordable?

How important is the website in your business? Is it the main tool to sell your product or service? Using all our design, strategy and Search Engine smarts we give you a powerful tool that will pay for itself in no time.

Yes, there are cheaper websites out there, but in the end you will just get a website.. Teamolay Studio will give you a custom designed, content managed, e-commerce ready, search engine optimized, planned out website all hosted for free! Resulting in a site that will generate traffic, traffic that will convert to leads, which ultimately convert to sales. Growth in your business!

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